5 Reasons Why iPhone 5 Gadget Impian Saves Contestants Pocket

I can make a long list why iPhone 5 Gadget Impian Malaysian bloggers really wants it for free. Most of our reasons here is not listed in any of the contestants articles for the Denaihati and friends iPhone 5 challenge(s)/contest which will end late December 2012.

iPhone 5 Gadget Impian Reasons Why Contest Saves Bloggers Pockets
News is out now, as iPhone 5 will be launching and touching Malaysian shores come this 14th December 2012. Rumour is out, Apple will officially launch iPhone 5 by then, says here in this productive blog.

Basically after reading each and every article, which made it through the Denaihati and friends iPhone 5 Gadget Impian contest, almost all the reasons given, speaks the same "language". Some of the reasons for winning iPhone 5 giiven by contestants were - as presents, some would be a good gadget for housewives/dad, some can not afford it and much more.

By the time contestants reading this, they're hooked with the iPhone 5 giveaway contest. Part of it was SEO, 10 reasons why you want an iPhone so bad, find 10 articles about iPhone and Iphone 5 in Denaihati archived blog, Google plus spamming authors, voting and probably more challenges to come.

So let’s consider this as an intervention from getting so wild with the iPhone Gadget Impian mania and face the real world. Basically, getting a free iPhone 5 can really saves a lot of money and with that said, contestants can have more options for their smartphones, in the later stages. Here are actually 5 reasons why Malaysian bloggers really wanted the Apple iPhone 5 so bad (at least for now).

New iPhone 5 - New Accessories 

Let’s face it, you probably own a smartphone, being it from China or Korea or probably from Malaysia. And some of you already have an iPad/Touch Pad too. The contestant already knows that previous/past  Apple iPhone models uses accessories which fits easily but with the new iPhone 5, even the dock connector is new and probably not compatible with the old models.

Which means, new accessories, from chargers to in-car adapters, plus, most likely there will not be any accessories compatible enough or might not be licensed by Apple (as of yet). So, with the extra money, the selected winner can happily purchase expensive original Apple iPhone accessories without blowing their pocket.

The Old and The New 

You can still use your old dock adapters, but does it look awkward with your new nice, sharp and shining iPhone 5 docking in it?

As you know, most cheap, of the shelves dock adapters are often unreliable, and some would not support the new iPhone 5. So, a plus point in having that extra budget in purchasing a brand new docking connector with your new iPhone 5, and keeping in trend too.

4G Powerful Connectivity - It's Here But Yet So Far 

iPhone 5 was designed and made for 4G, the super fast quick internet/wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, despite local carriers'/providers advertising, 4G locations are limited. And some carriers, not to name the locals providers, even stretch far, by sticking 4G icons on top of old 3G services.

If however you have 4G connections, just watch out on your usage plans. Once you start using this, you’ll be hooked, and in the end, you will also pay bills and charges up to your nose! 

So, by getting free iPhone 5 from Denaihati, they can actually use the extra cash in upgrading current wireless connectivity plans (or probably subscribe a new one), in getting the full pleasure of 4G connections for their iPhone 5.

Apps Looks Ugly on Big Screens 

Usually apps developers have to design/code five display sizes for an Apple gadget. There's the original iPhone display, the iPhone Retina display, the original iPad display, the Retina iPad display, and lastly the stretched out iPhone display.

And for sure, these apps will be updated for the new iPhone 5 display, but it’s not going to for a while though. You may have a sexy iPhone to show off, but the apps running in it looks pretty much awkward and a knock off. Upgrading apps sometimes is not free too!

In the end, you can use the extra money to buy updated apps and making your brand new smartphone well -  look new and act new too (external and internally).

Your Current Smartphone Contract

Yeah, I know why bloggers are crazed about the new iPhone and considered as their dream gadget (thanks to Denaihati). It is considered as the newest technology coming from the Mecca of gadgetry. But come to think of it, most of us have current smartphone contracts to fulfil. 

But luck is on the contestant's side, as getting a free iPhone 5, they can easily finish out their current smartphone contract and lessen the burden of paying additional monthly instalments - hopefully.    

End of story, reasons here does not indicate nor reflect the majority, why users, especially iPhone 5 Gadget Impian contestants (bloggers) really wants. It is just to show you what future iPhone 5 owners will have to consider, come this December 14 2012 in Malaysia. The official (probably and hopefully) launch for Apple iPhone 5 sales here in Malaya - phrase to god it's here at last!
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