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Work Smart Be Creative. 

Born in KL. Raised in US. Graduate Architecture at MIT. Passion in design. Build buildings. Now retired, Spending time writing and being creative. Getting away from the hectic corporate world. Been there. Done that. Too hard to handle. Opening up my mind in the world of blog-ing.

Some of my previous works. Basically all these drawings were made within a 1 - 2 day time frame. Just imagine how hectic it was.  So, what do I use?


Google Sketch Up Pro 8
Kerkhythea Renderer

Xara Web Design 7
Concrete 5

AutoCAD 2012

But do not get me wrong, since retiring, it is the least softwares I'm using right now. But, with the help of my students, they will bring out the best for sure.

Terengganu Hotel @ irsahdesigns

Celcom Enterprise Booth @ irsahdesigns

Floating Mosques @ irsahdesigns

Government Office renovation @ irsahdesigns

Government Office renovation Secretary room @ irsahdesigns

Small mosques 2 irsahindesigns

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