Ideal Content Writing Length After Recent Search Engine Algorithm Changes


Blog writers and website owners are still fighting out, what would be the ideal content/article word length for search engines? Well, this has been continuously debated in webmasters forum, but recent search engines algorithm changes had a bit of a turn around.

seo content writing and ideal word count for SERP
Experienced by a Google webmaster member, his news niched website/blog pages has plumbed in ranking with search engines, especially Google. The changes was, after much consideration from his users, opting for short descriptive published articles, will improve on web visit did! Articles published in 200-300 words had a major role in increeasing unique visits to his website.

But the downside, he saw a lot of his web pages (news) slowly plumbed rank in search result pages (SERP's). It seems like long lengthy articles have that edge with search engine robots nowadays. Was it due to the recent algo changes or just pure coincidence?

As I recall, search engine webmasters have never concluded in a certain amount of words for an ideal article or content. But a recent dig which leads me to one video by Google webmaster which explains 300-500 words count for an article/content would be a fair amount. So, this could be our basic rule to settle for.

Then, it comes to your dilemma - please your avid readers/visitors (short contents/articles) or please search engines and get ranked pages? As we have experienced working with various small business website owners and individuals through the internet, it must come to a balance - short and long published contents.

Balance your content pages between short and unique articles whilst publishing long and full of informative posts in between. As we've experienced, most of our articles which were more than 500 word count stood steadily ranked in SERP's, especially after the recent Google algo changes. We can safely assume that in between 500-1000 word per article/content should play a major role nowadays with search engines.

Internet users today are not like yesterday. Users are searching information and with good and quality resources, it would definitely give that edge for your long and lengthy info articles. A plus point too when SERP's ranked your contents pages and boost more click through to your website/blog.

Which comes to our conclusion, you can have options for your website/blog strategy nowadays and more strategically. Keeping short and simple for unique visitors (pleasing advertisers and loyal readers) or having rock solid pages ranked in search engines with long and lengthy information articles. You can easily isolate and determine which strategy to implement for a certain topic that you wanted to publish and gain that extra leverage.

Well, like you've read before, writing contents is not enough though, basic optimisation techniques should be applied too! Website technical aspects, socializing and building quality and healthy links to you websites would also bring a major impact in SERP's.

One thing for sure, now it is much easier to consider how long is an appropriate word count for your web pages/articles which will please everybody.
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