Eyriqazz vs Denaihati: Hatiputera My Love

Hello Malaysia and fellow readers. By now you would be wondering why there was no update articles for the past couple of days. Well, we were quite busy, with our current projects in Sabah, so as we reached Kuala Lumpur, a few cup of coffees and crunch time blog walking. One thing comes to another we actually stopped at this blog, as usually, one of the participants and sponsors for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati search engine optimisation (SEO) challenge 2012. And again, by now, you have already know that the dead-line is still on the 31st August 2012 and participants are tweaking their articles like there's no business tomorrow as usual.

Hatiputera.Com. yup The blog we stopped to figure out what was happening. As usual, we would browse trhough each and every pages (even archieve ones) to see what was special, but something caught us instead and interesting. Due to the Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SEO challenge 2012, Hatiputera.Com server account was suspended due to the enormous unique visits and traffics the website received yesterday (7/7/2012). Yes. That is how this contest challenge effected one's websites.

To top that all, an article he submitted reached a humongous high of 1,000 UV (unique visitors) per hour. Yes per hour. That is the total amount what Creative Something makes for 3 days. Huhu. We were wondering what was the article, and our guess was, the snapshot shown below. It was not about an unhealthy product (for men and women) or anything related to (a lot of visits if you have some 3gp downloads.. you know what we mean...), the article was so decent, that it created havoc to the Malaysian blog-ing community.

The article title, Blogger Perempuan Cantik Pilihan Aku (My Favourite Women Blog Writers). No wonder these Malaysian blog-gers went to a frenzy. It looks like the handsome owner of Hatiputera.Com declares his featured article for this week was for the adorable and cute blog writer from CahayaCinta.com (it means lights of love in bahasa). CahayaCinta have been blog-ing for quite some time now, and every person who call themselves males, is eyeing on her (blog that is...). CahayaCinta is very humble and effortlessly, blog walking to her blog-ing counter parts, and you guess it, every male blog owner would really looooooooove to have her comment during her brief visits. (How dare you Hatiputera...)

Well, enough said. Before we make all the males hormones goes crazy... Hatiputera is actually a cool dude. Willing to share his internet search findings (like the mother beating child videotube) and also financing tips. He also loves (either than writing articles for female blog-ers) to take a challenge. You can read through his recent findings on search engine optimisations, news and events articles, and even he rates and rewards his top commenters. Currently, you guessed it, Suri from cahayacinta.com , is his top commentor for June 2012 (everybody is saying that Hatiputera have something going on behind the bushes), but to tell you the truth, Suri is ike all other cute female blog-owners, so humble and likeable. No wonder almost half of Hatiputera's comments been replied by Suri. 

Yes. the journey has passed the 20 day mark and current standings, still (huhu) Azrijohan and CikTom in front of the listings. (I hate to filter out so many Azri's and CikTom's articles in search engines - it drives us crazy, don't you think so?... hehe). We have a few articles coming up strong from Akma Omar, ShahrulSite, Sharifdez.blogspot, jaerul.com, zulseffort, and yes the self event title blog from EyriqazzvsDenaihati.blogspot.com. Abangensem, yanmieonline, imobome, IrsahBlog, adam-harith, faizal-pj, sop.name.my, azidi.com, myvtryd.com, matjoe.com, wandisini, azwananuar.com is still holding out strong crawling day by day. So guys, keep up the good work. For those, who have not submitted, please do, as the organisers prepared MYR 2,000 total cash prizes and inclusive of 20,000 traffics from Denaihati Networks and much more from co-sponsors. Details you can find from Eyriqazz.com official website. So, saddle up, ride like lighting, as everybody is trying to make it big for this contest. Adios amigo. Yeehaw.

p/s: Even somebody open a thread in a forum, Carigold.com (thanks to Hatiputera) is also going at it... Hmmm...

And guys there are more or less, 100 participants, our apology if your websites have not been mentioned. If we put you all in, this article will not be a review (more like a list). Keep up the amazing work and we received positive phrases for your efforts from the organisers. - Get current listings from Eyriqazz.Com Facebook Fanpage.
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