Eyriqazz vs Denaihati Battle - CikTom Will Never Surrender to AbangEnsem

Hello Citizens of Malaysia. Wowww. Just like the Wowww  award by Digi. From one contest to the other, blog-ing have improved tremendously. One thing for sure, Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SEO battle challenge 2012 is game on. What a ride it has been. And now we're seeing the true colours of SEO works, done by true MAGICIANS.

Why do we mean by magicians? Well, one thing for sure, a single entry by the famous Net-preneur cum Real-estate preneur cum E-book Best Seller cum devoting father, AbangEnsem through AbangEnsem's Blog, push every one aside. From nearly 38,000 hits for the keywords, Eyriqazz vs Denaihati until 23/6/2012, he just bumped every one away and now he's not turning back.

After a brief stint by CikTom, with her premier entry ciktom.com/eyriqazz-vs-denaihati/, it seems that it is not going to hold. But what do you aspect, as of 24th of June 2012, the estimated hits for the keywords  Eyriqazz vs Denaihati accumulated 55,000 hits and the figures keep on increasing. That's what we call pure intuition and strategy. And I'll bet you AbangEnsem is not giving up. Through the page listing for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati keyword, his entry is keeping up strong.

Can you imagine, even the named domain Eyriqazz.com, who, what previous webmasters said that domain name will be front listed in search engines, but guess wrong. With new algorithm by Google, its search engines is becoming more relevant which, like they said, content speaks louder than the title. You must wonder, how CikTom and AbangEnsem Blog, can manage the feit, well only one word we can describe, MAGICIANS.

Well these are amongst the many polished skills that Malaysian Blog-gers have groomed well and for sure more tricks will come as I've heard, the OTAI's (veterans in the blog-ing industry) is preparing a war. Yeah, what do you aspect, like AbangEnsem said through his blog, "I already raised the white flag up." So modest yet full of disguises. Actually what he meant was - "I've already asked Eyriqazz and Denaihati to raised the chequered flag, and for sure I'll be an that podium....".

We know that these guys are great buddies, but, it does not mean, Abang Ensem will get that extra edge. Even CikTom was not in to share the trade secrets. But hands up to CikTom for delivering a big blow to others as her entry, is still eyeing for that spot. Again watch out AbangEnsem. CikTom will never surrender. And I'll bet you that CikTom followers will support her al the way.

For others, well, amazingly, from one entry to the other, they are too growing and crawling slowly yet positively to the front page and holding like there's no tommorrow. Articles like form simonsreyes, atoyis-sanshahrulsite, azrijohan, and mahamahu,. And then we have the mix from the old schools and blog-preneurs from myvitrd,   azmanisma  wangcybersop.name.mynorfanil, puanbee, tehramuan.com, earncent.com, and putera-malam

Because some of the entries are mixtures, we actually could not figure which one is which. You can check that azwananuar, udinz, jebengotai.com, coretananuar,  akmaomar, siezuka, ahmadfaizal.com, razifredz.com, and  dzuandiey  is also coming up strong. Not to mentioned, our promotion teaser, thanks to Eyriqazz.com, is also in that list including our Bahasa Malaysia support blog dubbed Irsah Blog. Sorry about it guys, still waiting for the reply from Admin if we are eligible or not.

We would like to apologize, if the others are not on the lists above yet, but we will assure you that, upcoming articles and teasers, your websites will be featured. Like the saying, the battle is not over yet until you've won the war. So the organiser's would like to welcome all, in what ever skin or colour, to join this contest, in making a healthy and quality blog-ing lifestyle. Remember, it is not about making links, but it is about the passion of blog-writing and your intuitive skills in Search Engines Optimizations-SEO. By the end of this competition, on the 31st August 2012, prizes we heard, has accumulated up to Ringgit Malaysia cash in 4 figures, plus the many goodies offered by Eyriqazz.com and their co-sponsor partner Denaihati and the others. (waiting for organiser's final list)

Again to all you, blog-writers and future best seller writers, come one and come all. You can use this platform in gaining the enough exposure before going it through the real world. You can submit in Bahasa Malaysia or in English, in whatever country you live, (try to ask the organiser's first yea..), bring up the best writing skills you have ever written. Remember the Search Engine Keyword is Eyriqazz vs Denaihati, and submit only one entry for the running. Suppliment articles is also welcomed to support your main submission article, but is not counted, And as for pinging, the organiser's mentioned, the URL for it, if its yours during the final Checkup, will not not be counted and only your the article URL (which you have submitted) is eligible.

Don't worry guys. If you check in the search engine right now, there are lot of articles from ping-ing. So, you do, have a chance to win. The last we've heard, the organiser's will give complementary prizes like link juices to your websites and we are still waiting for the final confirmation. All and all, its the spirit of writing and skills put to a challenge and for a blog-writter like you, it is the best chance to "steal" these veterans blog-gers strategies and making it to your full use, if you get what we mean?

Glad to share for the article: Eyriqazz vs Denaihati Battle : CikTom Will Never Surrender To AbangEnsem.

Will be in Bahasa Malaysia at Irsah Blog soon.
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