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Eyriqazz Denaihati Battle Challenge 2012 by Irsah Blog
Hello  there, blog-preneurs and blog-prunettes. Ahhh. You guys are really craving for the updates on the event series for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati Battle Challenge 2012. Hmmm. It took us a while to figure out, who will be featured in our weekly event updates. And, right now, the title says it all.

Now every body knows that this site is dedicated as the unofficial news highlights for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SEO challenge 2012 event, which is currently on going until 31st August 2012. The keyword is selling like hot lempeng cooked by Puanbee. To date, the total hits is approximately 140,000 in Google Malaysia search engine. It has multiplied tremendously since new comers from all around Malaysia, trying their best bet, in winning the 2,000 Ringgit Malaysia in total grand prize. Don’t forget about the 20,000 traffic juice brought to you by Denaihati.Com.

Well, enough said. When I say IKEA, for sure you would think about designer chairs, household items, neat sofas, blablabla. When we approached this site, whoah, NamaSayaSop (my name is Sop). Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know your name now. What attracted us was his love for IKEA. Yup, If an IKEA representative, should find this page, please visit his new website at sop.name.my and please give him a call. He is, and still will be, a true IKEA product owner, writer and  user and he recommends almost anything but everything about IKEA hardware's. To top that of, he even participate in SuedeCookClass by IKEA. That really shows his passion. Kita makan cara orang puteh yea (we eat like white man k…).

eryqazz vs denaihati by Irsah Blog
IKEA and NamaSayaSop

IKEA probably influenced him a lot and it really shows through his websites. Yup websites.( he has two domains). Modern minimalistic designed approach. A clich̩ for an SEO-ed website right? Yes. It shows. Now currently he is running hot in the front pages for the Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SEO Challenge 2012, and chewing everybody up. ( I mean cooking РSuedeCookClass get it?) Even his website gave Eyriqazz.com (the domain name) a run for the money Рjust like everybody else Рboohoo.

Apart from his new hobby of cooking, he like big bikes especially Harleys. Probably he has already owned a vintage Harley and kept us from knowing it. How knows? As usual, a Harley fan, a real and true father figure. Yes, you will find his family activities, his lovely new siblings and all their family collections, which is kind of cute and amusing (especially Baby Auni). And to top notch your websites (SEO), he has compiled a lot of articles, which you could find easily in his neatly archiving pages. Visit and leave comments, he would love to chat with you and share ideas.

Looks may be deceiving. That was our initial thoughts. Never judge a book by its cover. And always look from your heart not from your eyes. One will be amazed. You can learn a lot from these hardcore Malaysian blog-gers to name a few. It is never too late for a first time. When will you know how good you are in writing?  How will you learn about the key success in on line business? This is a great platform, join the fun. Feel the intense. Fresh ideas. Get technical as the competition for the SEO keyword Eyriqazz vs Denaihati challenge 2012 is still running until 31st August 2012.  And remember, with the many articles brought to you by these hardcore Malaysian blog-gers, will keep Google bots spinning around figuring out, what is actually the meaning for Eyriqazz vs Denaihati. a little SEO tip for ya.

You can find NamaSayaSop competition running article at: http://www.gnesop.com/2012/06/eyriqazz-vs-denaihati.html

Best of luck!

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