EEPROM Re-Setter Service Tool For Canon MP Model Printers

Download EEPROM resetter service tool for Canon MP printer
Canon MP Series AIO Printer Common Errors
Yet again another Canon AIO EEPROM re-setter tool for canon printer users. This is an upgraded version form the later Canon service tool re-setter we had here in our previous tutorial and troubleshooting guide, and still in working order.

Basically we are actually using this EEPROM service tool for our friends MP series All-In-One printers. Sometimes, it's just luck on your side, if the later don't work, there's always an option.  

This is due to certain personal computers software setting, which some how does NOT communicate properly with the later EEPROM service tool.

I've also had the chance to run this service tool on Canon MP250 and Canon MP270 printers and worked superbly. As you all know, Canon 270 model is the later version of Canon 250 AIO printer which was in the market since 2009. The only difference is the change of outer casing and slightly higher DPI for printing output

You can download for FREE the Canon MP EEPROM re-setter service tool here which I purposely label "2012", to make sure that this tool is still in working order. It is located in our files repository with Mediafire. The service tool has a slight change with the user interface from the previous reset service tool, but the steps and procedures for using it is similar.

You can find the full tutorial on how to reset your Canon AIO printer EEPROM here, if you have the errors which opt for EEPROM resetting. As you might know, this tool is for the below purposes only:-

  1. To clear EEPROM and reset the printer "memory".
  2. To clear ink absorber counter and error display.
  3. Test your cartridge ink printing errors from PC
  4. Test your paper feed error from PC.
  5. To clear warning window at PC due to low ink levels. 

How to fix common Canon printer errors with EEPROM resetting and guide
Canon MP250 AIO Printer model

Again, this tool does NOT clear your blinking light display due to low ink levels. There's none anyway! If you are using the addition Canon ink refills set, just dismiss the errors. The printer will run and start printing again by clicking "Resume" once the pop out warning window indicate low ink levels . Bare in mind, always check your refill ink levels in making sure the inks feed continuously to the cartridge. I used it, and it took me months to a year not changing the Canon AIO ink cartridges.

Fix Canon printer common ink error and EEPROM reset tutorial guide
Canon MP270 AIO printer black casing model

This EEPROM service tool is quite useful, especially by bypassing the printer "memory" for the given errors. Canon MP Series AIO printers is not a fully advance or "computerised" printer system, which is why the printer is one of the most purchased and used through out the world. Lots of spare parts and  higher dpi output (you can print quality photos on photo papers easily), that is why it is the most preferred printer for home or for your small business. And it's damn cheap too!
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