Canon MP 250/270 Ink ERROR 05 Trouble-shooting Guide

A Canon FINE Cartridge

Hello world. Recently I received an e-mail from a friend of mine regarding troubleshooting isues with her Canon MP 250 all in one printer. She new that I was using a set way back before, so, she ask me a few pointers. The problem was, an ERROR code E 0 5 displayed on her Canon MP 250 printer,  and believe me, she tried her luck Google-ing all around but to no avail. So, I was her final resort. .

Here in Malaysia, many small-medium business owners uses a printer especially Canon. It is probably because of its wide range of services provided by the manufacturer. People here are very well verse with Canon's product. By the way, you can find a lot of Canon FINE cartridges right of the shelves for various Canon printer including the old models.

So, let me see, Canon MP 250/270 ERROR E 0 5, a common problem with this Canon printer model. Through Canon's printer desk top instructions manual, the error code explains that the FINE Cartridge (which Canon Ink Printer uses) haves a compatibility problem or issue and can not be detected by the printer. By Google-ing, some Tech people will ask you to reset your Canon MP250/270 printer by pressing this and that but this is not the case.

Normally these FINE cartridges ERROR E 0 5 problem occurs due to the printer and ink cartridge not used for quite some time. Due to the Canon printer cartridge holder design in feeding/holding  the FINE cartridges (Canon code CLXXX and BL XXX), which is actually the main problem for ERROR E 0 5. This problem is also quite related with built-in refills but the modified cartridge refills is not actually the issue.

So, lets take a look at the step by step trouble shooting guide to eliminate the ERROR E 0 5 for your Canon MP250/270 all in one Printer:

  1. Turn on printer an flip back your scanner cover unit to access the printer cartridge.
  2. Open press firmly the FINE cartridge holder to release the cartridge from the compartment.
  3. View the inner portion of the holder, if you do not detect anything unusual e.g. ink stains on the brass connectors, re-install the FINE cartridge.
  4. Press firmly the FINE cartridge folder unit until you here the click lock.
  5. Close back your scanner unit and wait until any E 0 5 displays at your printer.  

Usually this does the trick, but sometimes you have to repeat the steps more than once, until the ERROR E 0 5 does not display on your Canon printer. By the third time doing the trouble shooting, you'll probably get annoyed and I'll show you simple trick and this never fails. So, here are the advance steps required:-

  1. Before you begin, get a piece of hard paper, basically with a thickness more or less like the average cigarette box/cover. Cut out around 4cm x 4cm in two pieces.
  2. Back at step 2, while your FINE cartridges is still safely in its compartment, take one of the paper you cut previously and fold it twice until the hard paper has a little bit of thickness.
  3. After folding the paper, insert it right at the end of one of  the cartridges, and slide it in between the compartment holder and the cartridge which is facing you. (see images below)
  4. Lock firmly the cartridge compartment, but make sure that the hard paper you inserted does not slip right through or under the cartridge.
  5. If you are satisfied, do the same with the other cartridge.
  6. After you're done close the scanner unit lid and check your Canon MP 250/270 if it display the ERROR 0 5 again. 

Normally this does the trick to all my friends Canon MP 250/270 all in √≥ne printers. This cheat never failed me. If you have the same error after completing the steps above, adjust the thickness of the hard paper and try again from Step 3.

By doing these simple steps is another way, before you opt for purchasing another set of Canon FINE colour and black cartridges for your Canon MP 250/270 all in one printer. If all the above fails, please do not repeat the cheat steps above by folding the hard paper into a thickness which does not allow you to lock back your cartridges (very harmful and it will damage your cartridge connectors). My advise, purchase a new set of Canon FINE cartridges which is compatible for your printer.

Canon Pixma MP250/270 All In One Printer
Canon Pixma MP250/270 All In One Printer

Insert folded hard paper before securely locking the cartridge holder cover

A off the shelf Cannon MP250/270 Refill Kit
A off the shelf Cannon MP250/270 Refill Kit

Canon MP 250/270 inner cartridge compartment
Canon MP 250/270 inner cartridge compartment

That's all it takes for the tutorial of : Canon MP 250/270 Ink ERROR 05 Trouble-shooting Guide. 
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