Canon AIO MP Series Printer Pre-Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshoot Canon AIO printer Error display method guide steps simple guidelines helps troubleshoots ERRORS and EEPROM
Hello Canon AIO printer users! Sometimes simple troubleshooting efforts can help "cure" your printers errors.

Nothing much to shout about for the past few months, since we were quite busy with our daily schedules. But before that, we would to say  a big thank you to you guys for visiting or blog-site. Further more we probably missed out on some simple tips for your Canon All in One Printer from the MP series family.

You can browse through the Canon MP models available for these simple troubleshooting techniques here.

Thanks to TAZZ for providing these tips, since that it was already explained in our Canon printer AIO tutorial guide for EEPROM troubleshooting. And we think it is quite important to complete these easy steps first, before doing any advance methods for your Canon AIO MP Series models printer troubleshooting.

Simple procedures before troubleshooting your Canon AIO Printers.

Before you can start your advance toubleshooting methods, like EEPROM clearing and ink cartridges Error 05 chveats, sometimes these simple steps can do good, So, let's take a stroll on that matter.

Guide to totally drain power (electrical current) from your Canon AIO printer.

  1. Turn off your Canon AIO printer. 
  2. Unplug the power cable socket from the printer.
  3. Press the power buttons and hold for 5 seonds (or more) until the green display light turns off.
  4. Insert your power cable and see if the errors still occurs at your printer display panel.
  5. Your Done!

Guide to switch your printer to Service or Maintenance Mode for Canon AIO Printers MP series.

  1. Turn off your Canon AIO printer. 
  2. Press and hold the printer service button (image of screwdrivers)
  3. While still pressing the service button, press and hold your printer power button. 
  4. While holding the power button - release the Service button and press that button 2 times.
  5. Then your Canon printer will be running for a while and the display panel will show a number "0".
  6. If the display is "0", your printer is in service/maintenance mode and you can continue through the steps for EEPROM troubleshooting here.
  7. But in certain cases - while at service/maintenance mode, switch off your Canon printer by pressing the power button. (by bypassing to service/maintenance mode, it sometimes can override the printer errors)
  8. If pressing the power button does not work, pull out the power cable or turn off the power socket - This is due to certain Canon AIO models bypasses the power button during service/maintenance mode.
  9. Now you can turn on your Canon printer normally and see if the steps above have somehow bypasses the errors occurred.
  10. Your Done!

I hope these simple troubleshooting guides can help you out on your Canon AIO Error endeavour. Some people call it luck, but to me, it does not hurt to do these easy simple steps before moving towards a more difficult advance methods. Saves some times though!
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