20 Plus Directory List For SEO - Tested Free Website Submissions

Directory submissions of websites and blogs to friendly directories are basically part of creating a network of quality links to your site domain or web pages. People say that submitting to directories is dying and coming of age, and probably useless to enhance your website visibility in search engines? But we say NOT!

Building links to directories is still up and running, with SEO/SEM experts tested and still uses them to enhance their client’s website; even their own website as well. If some people say that directories are actually some sort of “link farming”, then, why top search engines like Google giving away PageRank’s to these sites? And basically you all ready know that PR stands for ones website (directory) rank ability and trust with Google search engine right!

So, probably that will answer your question/s on directory link building campaign for your website or blog. We tested and actually found out that top directories are highly ranked and rated by search engines due to the daily site activities (new link submissions etc.) with regular updates. Feeding new information and resources (through submissions) to search engines makes directories very unique with web crawlers in providing current active links from other domains/website/pages.

Weather it is a general or article submission directory; you could use these simple steps to ensure the quality and test the approved links provided. At least, start off your business website or personal blog link building campaign, just like the professionals do.

I’ve also included a comprehensive list of top active directories with PageRank and indexed with search engines. These directories are regularly tested, human edited, visitor friendly site, safe and secured links with proper descriptions and categories to suit your niche. The directory feeds search engines with regular updates and information, and would definitely boost your web visibility.

There is also a comprehensive list of over 100+ free submission directories here at Directory4E SEO Friendly Directory for you to have a glimpse of up and running sites to choose from. This directory list is very unique, where you can actually view websites/blogs through enhanced larger thumbshots of each approved links in speeding up your selection of directories for submission. Don't forget to submit your site too, for quick inclusion.

You can also compare the listed directories in the listing, with built in search engine's index checker to test pages and Alexa traffic chart for current traffic. What a way to start your link building campaign and a smarter way to build links safely and strategically.

Updated Friendly Directories List For Website Submission/Inclusion - Start Your SEO Campaign

  1. dmoz.org
  2. visithollywood2020.com 
  3. centersquarenews.com
  4. directory4e 
  5. mbe151.info
  6. webtowns.org
  7. nlynk.com
  8. linkland.org
  9. multiplelistingboard.com
  10. directory.gov.vn
  11. webdirectorylist.net
  12. authml.net
  13. pkcat.com 
  14. onmyw.com 
  15. ninadirectory.com
  16. geronimodirectory.com
  17. getindirectory.com
  18. archivd.com
  19. bubbleplex.com
  20. thedirectory1.com
  21. general-web-directory.com
  22. out2see.org
  23. commentplz.com 
  24. obln.org 
  25. soundsiteservices.com
  26. ewebgazette.com
  27. overlandagency.com

I hope that this list would kick start your directory submission campaign. You can also find useful infomations and  resources at Small-BizNext, a support web portal sharing quality news and updates on small business SEO and SEM campaigns and build leverage with major search engines for your business/personal site. There are always options in building quality/anchored links and testing your submissions to quality directories for your website/blog.
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