Student versus SEO Master- Eyriqazz Denaihati Battle Challenge 2012

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Author: Irsah

The SEO Student versus the SEO Master - Eyriqazz vs Denaihati Confrontation

Hello world. It is quite amazing how writing skills and SEO techniques was put to a challenge when 2 (two) of the most visited (and highly) rated Malaysia blog-gers was put head to head in a challenge dubbed Eyriqazz VS Denaihati. It's a case of student versus teacher, the apprentice vs the sifu, the typist versus the author. What a way to start of August 2012 for the blogsphere scene in Malaysia.

What is the contest all about? Well, since Denaihati and Eyriqazz has built a reputation of their own (and I'll detail out later), both of these bloggers share the same niche, article entries and writing techniques, in my point of view. And to top that off, commenter for their articles can reach basically from 50 to don't know how many, a day in average. Both share the same blog community which I suspect was the major factor of their prominent existence. What do you aspect as both of these blog-gers are very active in conducting workshops, SEO seminars, events, outings and the list goes on and on.

Frankly speaking, I have never met these two powerhouse Malaysian blog-gers, but I've read many of their achievements, articles, outings, travel-logs and many useful blog-ging SEO tips and tricks. Many fellow blog-gers benefited on their teachings and has made a name for themselves too. One must wonder, how long until these blog-gers managed to become of state? Well, one proclaimed started blog-ing in 2009 and the other in 2007. But whatever it is, for those who just started to blog, be patient please. Like I always said, Rome is not built in a day and Mount Rushmoore is not carved in a year.

Why so special about these two? I have only one answer. The power of blog-ging the RIGHT way and the amount of traffic like the traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur during office hours. Both of these blog-gers are ranked amongst the best traffic flow improvements by Alexa every minute, hour and day, for a social/lifestyle/net-preneur niche blog. Who said Malaysian's do not read nor have the writing skills. It is not about being popular, but strategically putting themselves at top pages in Google Malaysia search engine. And I'll bet that they both have handful of company portfolio's under their sleeves. Must confront and ask them one day.

So, which one is the teacher and which is the master? Through my brief yet fruitful article reading and comments scrolling, Eyriqazz is the student while Denaihati is the mentor. If you're familiar with TV3-Mentor season 6, a premier Reaility-Show cum singing contest, where one pair of Malaysian contestants was Ella (artiste/rock star/entrepreneur) and Putri Caroline (a Kelantanese borned artiste to be), who won the coveted grand prize recently, you would see the style/ideas/work reflected from Ella (mentor) to Caroline(student). So, at one glance (provided with the picture below) these two bloggers almost looks like twins, but with different parents, and I'll bet you, that's why these two, student and teacher, can click and bond together.

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A sucker punch from denaihati to eyriqazz cheeks
Eyriqazz and Denaihati in the Ring

The prize? Well, until this article was published, the teacher, Denaihati will proudly sponsor for the first prize winner of Ringgit Malaysia 200 cash with addition 20,000 juicy fat traffics if your article hit Number 1 (one) top most spot for searched keyword - Eyriqazz VS Denaihati by Google Malaysia on the 1st of September 2012. So, all and all, the contest will be closed on the 31st of August and winners will be announced  seconds it turns to the next day. Among the general rules, write anything with the title or keyword article Eyriqazz vs Denaihati, either related or not, because the final outcome will be, about how well you polish, strategicly defined your SEO techniques with the above  keyword or keywords on the 1st of September. And you have only one article to submit, which you feel worth while the run for the money.

Currently Eyriqazz and Denaihati have received tremendous boost from fellow blog-gers, which until today, sponsors and prizes declared like there's no tomorrow (I'm just exaggerating). Keep in mind, a lot of prizes will be distributed to the winner writer SEO technicalized blog-gers who en-rolled in this competition. So submit the best SEO-ed article with the entry keywords Eyriqazz VS Denaihati and you could probably be the one to bring home the trafific juice of 20,000 ++ sponsored by Denaihati himself an Co.

You could find details of the Denaihati vs Eyriqazz competiton in Eyriqazz page and updates, current status, information and more resources at Denaihati page. Be in mind, that both of these blogs is in Bahasa, so make sure you have your Google translation tool bar switched on in your favourite browser. You could also catch current updates at, a South East Asia-Asia Pacific blog aggregator with Google Page Rank 4, and find daily article submissions on Denaihati vs Eyriqazz  by the running contestants. Again, in Bahasa so, Google Translator toolbar required.

To the contestants and future SEO powerhouses of Malaysia blog-ing industry, it crunch time and get your thinking hats on. For an SEO keyword contests like this, its probably hard to justify how your page would be well placed in the future. It is because of the many sudden changes and updates Google will do with their G-Bots at any time they wish. So, you might see at one time you're up there, and tomorrow be landed on the 10th page. The key here for the contestants, strategize, keep everything updated, supplement your entry, and do not stuff your keywords too much. For the technical aspects, such as layout, article structure, links and so forth, try Google-ing  or probably best, ask the two SIFU'S the correct way so you just do not wonder around in doing stuffs and making mistakes. Even the smallest mistakes will create disaster and that is not good.

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Many will definitely ask me, why I'm writing about the contests. Well, its all about the so called 'unexposed' Malaysian blog-ging scene. And that to me is an understatement and totally not true. It is hoped that more big fat contributions and sponsors would step in front and provide the necessary support for this event. Think of it the positive way, it is not about building more links for Eyriqazz and Denaihati, but the effort Denaihati and Eyriqazz is doing to create, develop, organise, strategic skilful writers among the contestants and followers. To top it off, what strong bonding it will have in developing a more quality and mature blog writers and followers, since changes must be made NOW towards a healthy blog-ging lifestyle especially for Malaysians.

Great job guys and we pray for your success on Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SEO contest with the support from the article Student versus SEO Master- Eyriqazz Denaihati Battle Challenge 2012.

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