Clixsense Paid To Click (PTC) - Is it Worth It?

Hello world. Almost everybody in the blogger world is writing about alternatives to get easy income. Amazingly today, their are hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs, pay per click, pay to click, to generate revenues as an alternative solution for your rejected Google Adsense applications. Especially for bloggers and web owners coming from Asia, India, China, to name a few. So at least, these affiliate programmes would compensate what Adsense would.

Well, what programmes to choose? Which affiliate programme will generate more income for me? Pay per click? Pay to click? Infact it all depends on you. The main thing here is focus. Its also like you're focusing on your work. Its the same thing you do with affiliate programmes, with a little strategy.

Then, you have affiliate pay to click brand names like clixsense or neobux. These are some of the fastest growing pay to click affiliate programmes that is used by millions of users around the world. (and get paid too.) So, today I would like to review (or explain) to you about Clixsense and their programmes.

Clixsense Official Website Hompage 

Clixsense at a Glance

Their tagline - 'Looking to earn extra cash online?' Yup they do pay cash online direct to your registered account via Paypal, Payza and Liberty Reserve. Registration is easy as you only need a valid e-mail to activate and fill in the details under your profile page, and it is assured that all information is kept confidential. (since March 2012, I have not received any spam e-mails coming directly or indirectly form them). You have the option for a FREE account or a PREMIUM account, which ever fit best to you. (for a premium account its just USD 17 for a yearly subscription and activation is almost instant) - About Ringgit Malaysia 55.++ a year or Ringgit Malaysia 12.++ a month.

Clixsense - About Catch No. 1 PTC Adverts

Well, If you like surfing, and clicking (please massage your fingers first), then it is a go. If you don't have time to browse or too busy, just move on. But opening an account as simple as it is, then why not? Earn a few here and there, maybe a a few sense to dollars. It depends. There is no time limit and no limit for you to earn at Clixsense. PTC Adverts, just surf and click and get paid. You earn while surfing anyway. But read their T&C first before you get started clicking on the ads provided by Clixsense. Yup, you get paid for clicking ads.

Clixsense About Catch No. 2 - ClixGrid

Having fun after clicking? Feel like you want to do more clicking? An there's the ClixGrid. A one of a kind picture puzzle jackpot clicking game. Just by clicking away in the right boxes, you'll get US 5 dollars, if you're lucky enough. For FREE account users you have 25 attempts to choose the boxes, while for premium account holders are given 50 attempts. If you're to bored, act like you're pay per viewing or something. Because only by luck you can get that USD 5 daily puzzle prize. And FYI, the picture puzzle boxes will reset every day like clockwork for you to engage another try for that money pot.

Clixsense Catch No. 3 - Tasks

Now you're surely tired of clicking. You can go to Tasks. Its a pay per task programme for you to choose from finding URL's to sorting out categories. It's something that you could try during you're FREE time, especially on week ends, if you have nothing to do. Some of the tasks or 'jobs', not that 'techy type thingies', if you know how to read and write in English and a little bit of Google-ing, it will help you a lot.

Clixsense Catch No. 4 - Offers

Finished your Task. And feel you want more? You have the Offers to pay option up next. Yes. They do offer you to get paid on doing certain tasks on-line. The task is quite simple enough from getting paid for doing translation for Babylon search engine tool bar to completing on-line surveys. Just choose what you're familiarise and easy with.

Clixsense - Catch No. 5 - Affiliates

Join the Clixsense Affiliates Program. Affiliate as you know, future members coming from their active member trusted websites, and maybe yours in the future, you will be rewarded by Clixsense. No banners, no ads in your site just a referral from your links or websites is enough to get paid.

Clixsense - Catch No. 6 - Advertise

This is the best part: Advertise. Wondering how people get unique visitors and traffic out of the blue? Yup, some of them through pay to click. If you're a FREE registered account holder, you probably have to buy credit to enrol in this program from as low as USD 2. (I forgot for how many click rate). But for PREMIUM account holders you'll get 1,000 credits for Clixsense to ask people to click at your site. You managed your account credits yourselves. Submit your web page for Clixsense approval board and Clixsense will make sure the millions of members get directed to your ad page. Fair enough? Good traffic huh? It's like marketing, let Clixsense promote your website or services or whatever.

So what will you get for your first experience at Clixsense surfing? Eye pains and finger cramps? Nahhh, actually, for all the ad pages you click and tasks, games you've just enrolled, you'll get a maximum of USD 10 dollars as a start ( for a measly 2 hours and if you're lucky especially the picture puzzle reward). So its a good start. I'm not saying its great, but at least it a start. Well Rome was not built in a day and mount Rushmoore was not carved in a year.right?

And what will you get next. For sure, more people will know about your site, actually around 2 million Clixsense members and affiliates advertisers to be exact. A reward in return for your website. Hmmm let me see. My website, is now Google PageRank 2 in just 75 days and gained Alexa traffic 2 miilion plus out of 25 million when registered. And for region Alexa rank in Malaysia, from no rank to 19,000 ++ in less than 90 days.

My new website initial rank with Alexa 2012 (web testing purposes) 

A fairly good performance huh? I have friends blogging for two years now but, still no PR and a few friends had a measly PR 1 by Google. That's something weird especially for Malaysian's who are currently the fastest and highest social networks users in the Region (Facebook, Tweeters, Bloggers etc). And new news just came in, Malaysians spent almost 5 Billion Ringgit Malaysia in 2011 (USD rate at 3.015) through on-line purchasing alone. Well quite a hefty buying power for 64 Million people living in Malaysia.

You can verify my website pagerank with Google here. Or better yet, check your own current pagerank too...

  1. Rankcheck4E
  2. PageRank Distribution Bulk Checker

You know that PageRank has a significance with your web pages especially for Google users. It will open up new doors and bring new heights for your website or blog and may change your life too. Enough of the review, you can browse though Clicksense websites and links provided below for your convenience. Payout by Clixsense is as minimum to your maximum earnings and directly to your account of choice. Make sure, as you register, you provide the relevant authorised e-mails for fast payment distribution by Clixsense.

There is a significance difference income earned between a FREE account holder and PREMIUM account subscribers. For me , I'm enrolled with the PREMIUM account and actually I gain twice as much from FREE accounts. I get more ads too. More ads, more Clicksense clicks, more earnings right? You'll probably see my website ads while browsing, and it means I'm paying Clixsense to pay you because I'm an eligible advertiser.

Clicksense Home website:

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Clicksense Forum:

Note: It is recommended to visit the Clixsense forum and find out ways to optimise your earnings. Clicksense also provide video tutorials too for FREE. Some of the links above, Clicksense will ask you to register first before preview, but what the heck, click and enjoy.

Glad to share info and insights on Clixsense Paid To Click Facts About Earning Online.
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