Rich Contents Positive Ranks


Content is king, that is what and always been the key with Google, but beleive it or not, it sometimes can also lead to trouble. Imagine if there no King to lead your kingdom, or the King is well dressed with accessories and attires, you will probably look bad with Google bots during their attended visits.

Content of Low Quality

Google’s current quality update dubbed 'Panda' focuses on low quality content with shallow structures. Low keyword-rich content on some pages can make your whole site drop in Google. It seems that this Panda feature walks through your website entire pages and identify how your contents, structure and framework is recognised and its relevance between one and another.

Contents Duplicate

Duplicate content is a no-no. Either in your own site or elsewhere found, it can cause a drastic significant ranking drop. Today, Google does not consider as a penalty, but regardless, SEO webmasters do receive the effects of the outcome.

Unreadable content

Content that is written in broken English or any other languages verified by Google eg. through translation programs, can be seen as scraped and then “spun” (some words get replaced with synonyms to fool Google). So keep safe. make sure a human being understands what you are writing and try to reduce text decorations. And to add, the human quality is very much associated with Google which they employed to check all of that as well.

Scraped content

Scraped content, is texts taken from other sites and displayed on yours, like copy and pasting. It is a sure way to get downranked and probably penalised.
Hope something informative for you in the article Positive Page Rank Rich Contents.
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